The Journey of Creating a Supply Chain Consulting Business, with the founders of Profit Point Inc.

Supply Chain Careers Podcast

Sep 22 2023 • 43 mins

Supply Chain Careers podcast hosts - Chris Gaffney and Rodney Apple speak with Jim Piermarini and Alan Kosansky, Founders of Profit Point Inc, a consulting company focusing on supply chain network design, supply chain technologies, and developing targeted solutions for their clients.

In this episode, Alan and Jim provide their own career stories along with what it takes to start a business. They give us their thoughts about the kind of people they look for to perform consulting and the range of skills they need to bring to the table. They talk about the evolution of employer-employee relationships and provide career advice to those getting into and wishing to advance in the industry. And they talk about the importance of establishing a community and an ecosystem to draw on during a career in supply chain.

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