Scott Carpinteri President at K2 Parametric, LLC

The Insurance Chatter with Reghan Brandt

May 16 2022 • 26 mins

🔥Today I am sitting down with Scott Carpinteri; a true maverick in the insurance industry, driven to change its perception and bring it into the future.

Scott Carpinteri was ahead of his time, pursuing a degree in the insurance field (Actuarial Science) when it was a relatively new thing to do so. 📚He jokingly laughs that he is tired of insurance being the redheaded stepchild of the financial industry and actively works with many risk management programs around the US to bring young talent🎓 into the industry.

Scott is the kind of person who makes other people want to be in insurance💎 . I first got to know him at Year End K2 Insurance Services Planning Session and I knew he was someone special.

To me, Scott embodies all that's good about insurance: hard work, dedication, and a passion for solving complex problems. 🏆He worked his way up through the ranks of the industry—from actuarial analyst to Senior Vice President at Swiss Re—but rather than rest on his laurels, he has moved on to making waves in the world of parametric insurance.🙌

Scott founded 🌟K2 Parametric Insurance Services, LLC in 2021 as a way to put his spin on things and make a lasting, positive mark on the industry. He isn't just about himself—he's about the industry as a whole, and his new program is making a big impact. His ability to take otherwise complex topics or concepts and frame them in an easy-to-digest framework is one thing that makes him unique.

🚀K2 Parametric Insurance Services, LLC is helping advance parametric insurance at the intersection of technology, data science, and insurance. The company focuses on creating parametric products to help companies manage their risks better and provide more value to clients.

Listen in as he shares his valuable 👉insights The Insurance Chatter!