Are You Waiting for the Right Time?

Female Founders Breaking Boundaries

May 19 2022 • 23 mins

When you wait around for the “right time” to seek out strategic planning support for whatever reason you may have, you are actually losing out on time, money, and opportunities. This week’s episode 56 of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries is asking, are you waiting for the right time?

Have you ever felt like you were WAY too busy, stressed out, burnt out, and overwhelmed so you were advised to delegate some tasks to take things off your plate and free up some time? Except, maybe it didn't work. If getting out of the day-to-day in your business was as simple as hiring more people, then why are you still feeling overwhelmed and burned out? You are not alone! Sometimes, simply delegating tasks doesn’t work and instead shifts your workload from “doing” to “managing.”

I invite you to use the exercise that our own C-Suite clients use to take the first step in turning your team into a well-oiled, self-managed machine- and get you out of the delegation catch 22. Download the exercise here to get started!

In this episode of Female Founders Breaking Boundaries, I’m sharing the benefits of starting your strategic planning NOW so that you can use that plan, revise, reframe, and build upon it over time to get you to reach your goals. Some of the things I cover in this episode are:

  • Celebrating Asmau Ahmed, founder and CEO of Plum Perfect for creating an AI model that provides a personalized digital shopping experience for women of color and for being 1 of only 12 black women to have raised more than 1 million in venture capital funding.
  • What we may actually be losing out on when we wait for the “right” time to do something.
  • Creating a plan for the business you have so you can become the business you want to become.
  • A plan is not a one and done step but something that is meant to be revised time and time again.
  • My deep thoughts on the underrepresentation of women authors in business books.

The plan you create today is going to bring you to where you want to be tomorrow.

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