Episode 4 - Science City Lyngby

Hello Ada

Nov 23 2022 • 13 mins

Today’s guest is Marianna Lubanski.

Marianna has a MSc degree in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.

She has extensive international experience with innovation, entrepreneurship, business, and regional development.

Apart from ten years of being an entrepreneur, her background includes being the director for Investment Promotion in Copenhagen Capacity, executive director of the Danish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley, and Director for Business Development in Grundfos.

Today, she leads Science City Lyngby, a public-private partnership of 80+ organizations around the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

One of Science City Lyngby’s mission objectives is to promote collaboration across sectors between schools, private companies and educational institutions by creating new engaging experiences with science and technology for children and young adults.

I am interviewing Marianna to hear more about why we need more girls in technology and how schools, teachers and parents can engage with this mission through Science City, for example.

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