781: Midweek Mashup | How to Grow on YouTube ft. Chris Zissis, Sean Cannell and Evan Carmichael

Build Your Network

Jul 27 2022 • 34 mins

Do you have what it takes to crush it on YouTube?

In today’s midweek mashup, Travis Chappell and Eric Skwarczynski revisit 3 previous episodes that will help you dominate the most popular video platform of all time. Tune in, as 3 experts from our previous interviews share their strategies, stories and insights on how to make it as a YouTube content creator. If you want to learn how to grow, monetize and make an impact by building an audience on YouTube, this is an episode you can’t miss.

Let 's dive in!

[1:11 - 12:05] Chris Zissis | Building a 7 Figure YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face

Chris Zissis has produced billions of views and millions of dollars from YouTube without showing his face. He builds 7-figure passive income YouTube channels for entrepreneurs without needing their time. In this segment, Chris breaks down how you can get on this train by breaking down some of the best practices from his proof of work.

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[12:06 - 23:35] Evan Carmichael | How to Tackle Youtube from 0 to 2 Million Subscribers

Evan Carmichael is a true Entrepreneur. At 19 he built and sold a biotech software company, and at 22 he was a venture capitalist raising from $500,000 to 15M dollars. Evan currently runs a Youtube channel for Entrepreneurs with over 1 1/2 Million subscribers. He is one of the "go-to" authorities in the Entrepreneur space. He shares about how to grow a youtube channel from scratch, what made him start his channel, and why he turned down a 6-figure salary right out of college. In this segment he shares why his main focus was content and not editing or other items around YouTube content creation.

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[23:36 - 33:34] Sean Cannell | The 10 Year Overnight Success

Sean Cannell, CEO of Think Media and co-founder of Video Influencers. Sean has a passion for helping leaders build their influence and profits with YouTube and online video. He has been featured on Forbes “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business,” Social Media Examiner and Success.com. Aside from having over a million subscribers on YouTube, he is a keynote speaker who has spoken to groups ranging from 50 to 2000+, and runs a 7-figure video education company. Listen to Sean’s story of pushing through and finding success through connections and experiences you find along the way.

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