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Aug 29 2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

Everything you know about money is wrong!

Chris Naugle, also known as America’s #1 Money Mentor, has built and owned 19 companies, with his businesses being featured in Forbes, ABC, House Hunters, and his very own HGTV pilot in 2018. His success also includes managing tens of millions of dollars in assets in the financial services and advisory industry and in real estate transactions.Chris empowers entrepreneurs, business owners, and real estate investors with the knowledge of how money works. He is currently founder of The Money School™, and Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier.

In this episode Travis and Chris discuss success, taking action and most importantly why everything we know about money is wrong. Chris also shares his story of creating a clothing line and being an entrepreneur at an early age, the importance of creating something instead of conforming to reality, wall street and tough times during recession. Finally they dive deep into the infinite banking concept and how anybody can leverage BOLI: Bank On Life Insurance.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 23:36] Create or Conform: The Key to Success

Being an action taker from an early age

Chris’s passion for snowboarding and extreme sports

Chris’s first business venture and being mentored by his high school teachers in 1994

[23:47 - 31:14] From Pro-Snowboarding to Wall Street

How the recession in 2001 changed his life

Selling life insurances, mutual funds and more at Wall Street

Outworking everybody at Wall Street

[31:15 -39:05] The 37th Property that Made it all Fall Apart

Buying real estate properties when nobody else did in 2009

Losing it all again and starting from zero

[39:06 -70:05] The Infinite Banking Concept

Flipping houses to get back at the top

Learning all about owning your banking system

Chris explains the principles of BOLI: Bank On Life Insurance

The power of uninterrupted compound interest

Tweetable Quote:

“The willingness and work ethic to do what others were not willing to do, got me to where I wanted to be ” -  Chris Naugle

“The only thing that I did different that the person that truly failed is they quit and I didn’t ” -  Chris Naugle

Connect with Chris:

Visit: https://www.chrisnaugle.com/

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Twitter: @thechrisnaugle

Instagram: @thechrisnaugle

LinkedIn: /thechrisnaugle

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