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Jul 18 2022 • 54 mins

The opportunities that defined past generations and steered their course through life just aren't out there for us anymore. In this episode, the author of Unlock Your Potential, Jeff Lerner shares his journey from a broke musician to a $100 million entrepreneur and how why he ended up building a thriving education program. He stresses how the failings of our systems have opened doors we didn’t know exist and how you can step through them. Tune in and create your dream life in the modern world!

Jeff is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of ENTRE Institute, the world’s fastest-growing education company and the first institute of higher learning dedicated to entrepreneurialism.  He is now regarded as one of the most inspirational voices online in business and personal development.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 10:30] Opening Segment

Jeff’s life when he was 11 years old

Why he decided to drop out of school

There is not just one path to success

[10:31 - 20:16] Value Freedom More Than Money

What Jeff’s parents did when he dropped out of school

The transition from a pianist to a $100 million entrepreneur

Having an appetite for business

Developing the notion of what’s possible

[20:17 -32:16] Focus is a Superpower

The core skills that set Jeff apart

Jeff shares his experience in affiliate marketing

Building an educational program

Putting out valuable and engaging content

[32:17 - 40:23] The Power of Digital Business

The enrollment advisors' concept

Why Jeff decided to create programs for people who couldn’t afford the upgrade

A value-driven community based

The most significant growth phase for Jeff

[40:24 - 44:30] The World Change

Introducing the Unlock Your Potential book

20+ years of entrepreneurial experience

What the world needs now

Connect with Jeff at jefflernerofficial.com

[44:31 - 54:04] My Wife Didn’t Cook!

Let’s meet Deivone Tanksley and his business My Wife Didn’t Cook

What they do and what makes them unique

The Economic Development Fund

Head over to mywifedidntcook.info, and learn more about this unique restaurant!

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Just because you don’t see it inside school, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in the world. ” - Jeff Lerner

“There’s no amount of tactical business or marketing training I can give people that they can be effective with if they haven’t first made the psychological shift from employee thinking to entrepreneur thinking. ” - Jeff Lerner

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