793: Jason Feifer | Build For Tomorrow

Build Your Network

Sep 5 2022 • 40 mins

Relationship building is a long and slow game.

Jason Feifer comes back as our guest for today, he is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, host of both Build For Tomorrow Podcast and Problem Solvers Podcast. He is also the author of Build for Tomorrow: a book that aims to arm people with a new, powerful way of thinking about change, with specific lessons on how to adapt that are drawn from centuries of innovations and the greatest entrepreneurial minds of today. Jason too is a keynote speaker, startup advisor and a nonstop optimism machine!

Tune in as Travis and Jason talk about the potential of having a podcast to engineer serendipity, how to network the right way and why building familiarity it’s important instead of just pitching to people. Jason also shares great strategies on building relationships and connecting the right way.

Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 09:44] Build For Tomorrow: Podcast and Book

The audience insights that ignited the creation of the Build for Tomorrow Podcast and book

How Jason’s podcast is an opportunity magnet

[9:47 - 22:38] Pitching the Right Way

Understanding how you can provide value to your audience and putting yourself in their shoes

The importance of being patient and not burning bridges

Build familiarity by being persistent

[22:40 -39:05] Building Better Relationships

How genuine interactions build familiarity on social media

Play the long, slow game to build a relationship

The potential of connecting at live events and kickstart an interesting conversation

Being mindful of adding and not being transactional

Tweetable Quotes:

“Being nice to me on social media won’t put you on the magazine but when you send me an email, I will pay attention.” - Jason Feifer

“Build a relationship that’s not based on a transaction ” - Jason Feifer

Connect with Jason:

Visit: https://www.jasonfeifer.com/

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