921: Make Friends with Travis | Part Two

Travis Makes Friends

May 20 2024 • 51 mins

In this episode, Travis Chappell continues a series giving his backstory, inviting listeners to join the ongoing journey of self-discovery. He suggests checking out the previous episode for context before delving into the current discussion.

Reflecting on past experiences, Travis recounts a pivotal moment in his early twenties when he realized the limitations of his knowledge. He briefly overviews the previous episode's exploration of the "who you know" versus "what you know" dynamic.

Following the realization of lacking direction, Travis embarked on a journey to gain clarity. He delves into the various ventures he pursued, ranging from network marketing and Door-To-Door sales to exploring different sales opportunities and eventually delving into mortgage licensing and podcasting. Despite the diverse range of ventures, he emphasizes the condensed timeframe within which these endeavors unfolded.

Additional Topics Covered

– Losing clarity and the role of action in bringing clarity.

– Travis' diverse and chaotic resume, including experiences like being betrayed by a trusted mentor.

– Exploring the network marketing world and why Travis decided to quit working at Home Depot after three months.

– Ventures into water purification sales and the impact of personal loss, such as Travis' wife losing her father.

– The decision to move to Vegas and the motivations behind starting a podcast.

– The influence of others' advice on Travis' life and the concept of failure leading to success.

– Emphasizing that the pursuit of clarity is a lifelong journey and questioning one's identity with the thought: "Who do you want to be?"

Conclusion and Next Episode Preview

Wrapping up the episode, Travis expresses gratitude to listeners for joining him on this journey. He teases the continuation of the series in the next episode and encourages audience engagement and feedback. As he hints at the topics to be covered in the upcoming episode, he invites listeners to stay tuned for future insights and discussions.

Stay connected with the show for updates and insights. Tune in next week for the next installment of the Get to Know Me series.

00:00 Intro

01:39 Losing clarity

02:38 Action brings clarity

07:45 Travis' insanely chaotic resume

10:30 Getting betrayed by a trusted mentor

13:20 The network marketing world

15:19 Why Travis quit working at Home Depot after 3 months

18:56 Water purification sales

21:12 When Travis' wife lost her father

23:44 Moving to Vegas

26:57 Why Travis started a podcast

30:19 What role does the advice of others play in Travis' life

33:09 Failure brings success

38:25 The pursuit for clarity is a lifelong pursuit

47:00 Who do you want to be?


Jay Papasan Interview: https://youtu.be/lL32bWe182A

The World Regret Survey: https://worldregretsurvey.com/

12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson: https://www.amazon.com/12-Rules-Life-Antidote-Chaos/dp/0345816021

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