BRRRR Real Estate Investing Strategy

Louisville Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

Jul 1 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

A deep dive into the Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi and Repeat (BRRRR) strategy in Louisville, Kentucky.

Includes a qualitative class discussing what the BRRRR strategy is and how to do it plus quantitative, numbers-based discussions showing how the strategy performs toward a goal of achieving financial independence.

Check out our BRRRR modeling (and other real estate investing strategies) for Louisville, Kentucky:

Topics discussed include:

  • Money, credit and skills required
  • The style of this strategy (investor/entrepreneurial)
  • The stability and scalability of this strategy
  • What is your risk exposure and profit speed doing this strategy
  • Finding and analyzing deals including any direct marketing suggestions
  • The best real estate market conditions for this strategy
  • How accessible and available are properties for this strategy
  • Whether you can do this strategy with a retirement account

This class was recorded to give investors a solid overview of the BRRRR real estate investing strategy and how it compares to other strategies like traditional buy and hold, Nomad™ and house hacking.

Watch the video version of this class and download the handouts from the live in-person version:

Additional Resources

The following are additional resources mentioned in the class recording:
  • Return Quadrants - Learn about James Orr's Return Quadrants for better understanding of how real estate investments make money and how much.
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling for 300 Cities - See how buy and hold might perform for properties in your local real estate market and see our modeling for implementing a variety of real estate investing strategies using city-specific numbers for over 300 cities.

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