40. Summer 2021 - Staycation 2.0 tips from toddlers to teens

Special Needs Supermom podcast

Jul 27 2021 • 27 mins

Summer 2021. Who would have thought we would still live in a world full of traveling restrictions? Some of you might be able to travel around and/or have no problem doing so, others might have to - or prefer to - stick close to home again this summer. Pandemic or not, summer can be a challenge. Whether you have special needs kids or not, whether you’re staying at home or are able to go on a trip. Therefore episode 40 of the Special Needs Supermom Podcast is packed with fun ideas to do with your kid. From toddler to teen.

Have a Viking Day - Make a ginger bread house, summer edition - Freestyle Lego party (ever played Lego Creationary - it’s like Pictionary but with Legos) - Wii party - (tree) houses - old fashioned bord games and more.

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I hope you have a lovely (remaining) summer.