Ep. 07 - Foodservice and Hospitality Consulting at The Hode Group Chicago Showroom

Let’s Set Your Table Podcast

Mar 7 2023 • 15 mins

Episode 07

In this episode, we catch up with Amy Howard, Senior Tabletop Specialist and Consultant for the Hode Group. Amy shares what value the Hode Group and our dedicated team with well over 100 years of combined experience bring to the food service and hospitality professional. Amy also discusses the opening of the new Hode Group Chicago Showroom which displays industry leaders and brands like Steelite, Lionswood Banquet  American Metalcraft, TrueForm Concrete, ChefWorks, Eco-Products, and Anchor Packaging to just name a few. These and others are all available to preview and sample in this 4300 sq ft showroom space located in the famous Fulton Market District at 318 N Carpenter, Suite 200 in the west loop of Chicago.

Amy explains what you can expect when you visit our showroom and how easy it is to set an appointment or consult with one of our highly qualified tabletop consultants either in person or virtually.

So, if you or your group have an interest in doing some planning for a new opening, retrofitting your existing space, or doing a fresh new concept or design and need some guidance and direction for your operation, then pull up a chair and join us ….cuz it all here on the table.

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