Ep. 10 - Finding the Right Paper Food Packaging For You

Let’s Set Your Table Podcast

May 10 2023 • 25 mins

What’s it like to buy paper packaging? Which type is right for you? Are paper packaging prices up or down these days? Rich Rosenberg, a food paper packaging industry leader, joins the show to answer all your questions to help you find the right packaging for your business.

Rich Rosenberg is an industry expert in the paper packaging industry. He’s been in the industry for almost 50 years and is the president of PBI sales.

What we discussed:

(00:24) Is paper back?

(02:27) The best products in the industry

(03:10) Who is Rich Rosenberg?

(05:49) Paper packaging market update

(08:02) Ban on foam

(09:02) Raw paper vs. corrugated boxes: what’s the difference?

(13:07) Grease barriers

(15:16) How packaging helped hospitals in the pandemic

(18:05) Serving Chick-fil-a, 7/11, Lowe’s

(20:20) Does he work with small operators?

4 things to remember:

  1. Amazon is one of the biggest users of packaging. When Amazon’s business goes down, paper mill businesses go down too, and supply increases.
  2. Demand has dropped in the box industry since the height of the pandemic. Prices are coming down.
  3. Corrugated boxes are made up of 3 layers while paperboard is one ply paper. Paperboard is used in cosmetics and food while corrugated boxes are like pizza or Amazon boxes.
  4. Grease penetrates through board, so a grease barrier typically needs to be applied especially if there is printing on boxes that directly come into contact with food.


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