Ep. 09 - What is Palm Leaf Food Packaging?

Let’s Set Your Table Podcast

Apr 26 2023 • 27 mins

Episode 09

John and Nick D. are joined at the table with the Director of National Sales for Leafware, Diane Maxwell. In the ever-changing world of food service, green compostable food packaging and dinnerware is not a new term. However, Palm Leaf is a new renewable, sustainable and compostable substrate that you may not be familiar with.  Diane shares the features, benefits and the various uses for palm leaf, it's compostability and ability to perform well in the green space for operators as a" Grab-n- Go" or for fast casual green choice of dinnerware.

So, if you are looking to diversify your disposable food packaging bundle and offer your customers the most sustainable and compostable substrate out there, then pull up a chair with us at the table as we discuss the world of Areca palm leaf packaging and dinnerware with Leafware!

Show Notes (topical points of interest and links) --------------------------------------------------

4:22- Who is Leafware, what do you do and what value to you bring to the foodservice and hospitality industry?

5:01 -What is Palm Leaf and where is it sourced?

5:56 -What makes this Areca species or type of Palm Leaf and its ability to perform so different?

9:00-How does the Palm leaf substrate do with various plated foods and sauces?

10:18-Is Palm Leaf best used as a grab-n -go play or for in house casual dinnerware or fast casual serve

11:42 - How long will plated food last and will my food "hold"on palm leaf?

15:55-Is Palm Leaf compostable, BPI Certified compostable and CMA ?

20:12-Will Leafware coach my group thru a composting initiative?

21:20- Leafware now offering a Bamboo line and what products are they bringing to the marketplace?

24:16 -What other types of shapes and sizes of products does Leafware offer?

26:01- Leafware and Bamboo sample policy for testing and review.

Guest Information:

Diane Maxwell Director National Sales- Leafware® also representing Bamboo Studio

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