The Secret to Success... Isn't So Secret!

The Secret to Success Isn't So Secret!

Follows and Likes... Is that all you're worth? I don't think so, and they certainly don't define success. This show is fundamentally based on showing anyone, especially teens and the younger generation, how successful people from all walks of life have created it and helping them understand that they can too! The key is right here, and let me tell you... it's not a great secret, nor does it have to do with your social media status. Enjoy these lessons with Kristi Maggio and her guests. Don't just listen, learn and take deliberate action to unlocking your success! Support this podcast: read less

S2E8: Ori Spado... The Accidental Gangster
May 24 2022
S2E8: Ori Spado... The Accidental Gangster
Today's interview is with a man who is from my very own hometown, Rome, NY. At one time, Orlando “Ori” Spado, was considered to be one of the most respected gangsters in Hollywood. His autobiographical book, "The Accidental Gangster," portrays Ori's life from New York to Los Angeles where he became a fixer to Hollywood’s elite and became friends and rubbed shoulders with notorious Mob. However as we are well aware, this kind of life has serious consequences, and he spent time in prison. Today he shares many lessons he learned along the way, especially that "the life" eventually catches up with you and there are only two ways out... jail or dead. Not so glamorous when we put it that way, so there are many lessons to be learned. Enjoy! Get a copy of Ori's book: Ori on Instagram: Maggio is an educational leader, teen mentor, speaker and author. What started out as a year in the Dominican Republic to perfect her Spanish turned into starting a school and a foundation to advocate for equal education and employment opportunities around the globe. As an educator for over 20 years, she has worked at all levels, even higher education. Her work has but one goal in mind: to help youth and adults, realize that no matter who they are or where they come, they can do whatever they set their mind to do (something she is well aware of from her own personal experiences). If you are looking for an alternative to traditional education, learn more about our virtual academy: Support this podcast: