I Almost Died | Ep 51 Featuring James Johnson and Lester Jackson #widowmaker #heartfailure #stemi

Dear Son,

Jan 17 2023 • 58 mins

Visual experience: https://youtu.be/CpbNyHLJfBk

"That time I almost died" is a phrase often thrown around in jest to make light of a scary experience or over-exaggerate an experience that wasn't so serious. This conversation doesn't fit into either category. Les provides a transparent account of the day his life changed for ever. One seemingly regular morning ended in emergency surgery, saving his life from the second heart attack he experienced in the same day. Summarizing it in this description won't do it much justice, so you'll need to consume the entire episode to get the full benefit.

This season of the show will focus on men's health and identity. Consider these prompts as you prepare to join or continue on this journey with us. Join us via social media or via our website (links below).

Why do some men avoid doctor visits?

Men often feel embarrassed to discuss their health concerns with a doctor, or they may fear that they will be given bad news. They may also be intimidated by the medical environment and feel uncomfortable asking questions. Additionally, there is social stigma that men should be strong and independent and not need medical help, which can lead to a reluctance to go to the doctor. It's important for men to recognize that regular check ups and preventive care are essential for maintaining their health, and that seeking medical help is a sign of strength.

Five tips to become a more confident father.

1. Spend quality time with your children. Doing activities together and having meaningful conversations can help build a strong connection and help boost your confidence.

2. Learn something new. Whether it's a new hobby, language, or skill, taking on something new and challenging can help you feel more capable and confident.

3. Take time for self-care. Taking care of your physical and mental health is essential to feeling confident and being a good father. Make sure you are taking time to do activities you enjoy and get enough rest.

4. Celebrate your successes. Acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small. Doing so can help you feel proud and boost your confidence.

5. Reach out for support. Having a supportive network of family and friends can help you stay confident and motivated as a father. Don't be afraid to reach out for help if you need it.

Three tips to help men improve communications with their family.

1. Make time to talk: Make it a priority to set aside time to talk to your family members regularly. Even if it’s just a few minutes each day, it’s important to stay connected and to be present in your conversations.

2. Listen and be patient: Communication isn’t just about talking. To be an effective communicator, it’s important to listen to what your family members have to say and be patient as they speak. It also helps to be aware of nonverbal cues and body language so that you can be sure to understand what is being said.

3. Be respectful and open-minded: Respect is key in any relationship, and family is no exception. Always strive to be respectful of your family’s opinions and be open to different points of view. This will help to foster an environment of understanding and growth.

As always, I welcome your feedback and perspective. It takes a village.

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