Jesse McCune is Creating a Supportive Community for Aspiring Podcast Editors

Podcast Editors Mastermind

Nov 2 2023 • 47 mins

In a world where Jesse McCune's career in facility maintenance seemed light years away from his true passion, an unexpected twist brought him closer than ever to his dream. Little did he know that a conversation with his wife would ignite a fire within him, leading him down a path he never anticipated.

With a burning desire to combine his audio expertise with a viable business opportunity, Jesse embarked on a journey that would reveal the untapped potential of the podcasting world. But as he delved deeper, he uncovered a gap in resources that left him craving more. Little did he know, this was just the beginning of a remarkable adventure filled with self-discovery and triumph.

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  • Strategies to overcome the challenges of meeting client expectations and learn how to effectively communicate your editing process.
  • The importance of clear and open communication in podcast editing for stronger client relationships and better outcomes.
  • One key thing that we bring to the table as podcast editors that AI can't replicate.

Learning how to listen to people, to truly understand their nuances and capture their voices, is key in podcast editing. Our brains are powerful at picking up subtle details, so it's important to pay attention to those small breaths and pauses that make a dialogue authentic. - Jesse McCune

The episode underscores the critical significance of effective communication while dealing with clients. Jesse's experiences with his clients demonstrate the need for transparent, open discussions, especially when it comes to explaining technicalities like audio quality. This could help mitigate issues arising from unrealistic expectations and solidify a healthy editor-client relationship.

About Jesse McCune

Jesse McCune is a podcast editor with a passion for music production and audio engineering. Jesse developed an interest in audio and taught himself music production and audio engineering. This (with some prompting from his wife) led him to discover podcast editing.

Jesse created Tansy Aster Academy because he couldn't find enough helpful resources for podcast editors. The Academy is a community where editors can get guidance and support from each other.

Through Tansy Aster Academy, Jesse's team offers an interactive learning experience for editors looking to level up their skills in podcast production as well as business.

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Links And Resources

  • dbx 286s Channel Strip with De-esser - The dbx 286 is a great piece of hardware, but is often completely unnecessary in modern podcast production workflows.
  • Vocaster One | Focusrite - In many cases, Jesse recommends the Focusrite Vocaster line instead of the Scarlett 2i2 because it's built specifically for the needs of podcasters and content creators.
  • Scarlett 2i2 | Focusrite - The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 has been reported as the best-selling audio interface.
  • SM7B - Shure USA - Arguably, this is a microphone that many podcasters and content creators aspire to use. However, it's not always the best microphone in every situation.
  • ETHOS - Earthworks Audio - This is the...