Alejandro's Path to Podcast Editor - Alejandro Ramirez

Podcast Editors Mastermind

Sep 21 2023 • 44 mins

Have you ever experienced a twist in life that changed everything? Imagine going from saving lives as a nurse to the creative (and very technical) field of podcast editing.

Alejandro Ramirez's journey to audio engineering and podcast production was definitely not a straight line. But it involved many of the same elements we all experience: finding his first client, discovering what he didn't know, and intentional continuous improvement.

Get ready to be inspired as Alejandro's story unfolds, revealing the remarkable twists and turns that led him to a whole new world of creativity.

I don't know if fulfilling is the word that I'm looking for, but it was something that filled me inside very.... Seriously, that was like the moment that I say, okay, I can do this. - Alejandro Ramirez

In This Episode You Will

  • Uncover the essential role that your passion plays in embracing life's inevitable transitions.
  • Discover the deep satisfaction that can come from perfecting your skills in audio editing.
  • Understand the three key elements that have allowed Alejandro to add quality video editing to what he does.
  • Absorb invaluable tips to help streamline your search for podcast editing clients and management of these relationships.

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Alejandro Ramirez is a nurse turned podcast editor and audio engineer. And he's been OUR editor for nearly two years.

Alejandro ventured into the audio engineering domain sparked by his curiosity in podcasting and a passion for music. From working in operating rooms as a nurse to fine-tuning audio channels in an editing suite, Alejandro's journey is uniquely inspiring. Today, he is not only proficient at audio editing, but he has also strengthened his skills in video editing. Alejandro's tale underscores that your profession doesn't define you; your passion does.

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This episode of the Podcast Editors Mastermind was edited by Alejandro Ramirez. You can find him on LinkedIn if you're interested in talking with him about editing your show.

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