Cristina Lumague Shares the Story of Her First Podcast Editing Client

Podcast Editors Mastermind

Sep 7 2023 • 50 mins

Are you wondering how you can find clients and turn your passion for podcasting into a fulfilling career as an editor? If so, you're not alone - it's one of the most common struggles we face (and hear about)

Prepare to be inspired by Cristina Lamague's incredible journey from listener to podcaster to professional editor. Her passion for podcasting started as she was seeking knowledge during pregnancy. That soon gave way to an interest in Latin American haunted stories that took her from listener to creator. Cristina's story will captivate and motivate you.

And along the way, we'll look into how she found her first (and second) client.

NOTE: Bryan (that's me) made a comment about iZotope being acquired by Novation. That was incorrect; they joined with Brainworx/Plugin Alliance and Native Instruments to form new company which has now been rolled into Native Instruments.

Listen to Discover

  • How Cristina found her first clients (surprise!!!)
  • Why some of us have TWO first clients
  • A valuable lesson Cristina learned from her first client
  • What to look for before agreeing to work with a client
  • One valuable thing many of us forget that we bring to the table
  • Cristina's advice for editors looking for their first (or next) client

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Cristina is a freelance podcast editor who is obsessed with podcasts. Her love of podcasting started as a listener. However, she moved quickly into hosting a show (and then two more) when she discovered a need that wasn't being filled. Now she's been able to turn...