Do Podcast Editors Need a Portfolio to Wow Prospective Clients?

Podcast Editors Mastermind

Mar 28 2024 • 33 mins

Hey there, fellow audio wizards! Get ready to have your mind filled with golden nuggets of podcast editing wisdom in this latest chat we stitched together for you.

Jennifer and Bryan have been in the trenches, debating if the magic of our editing hands needs a showcase or if word-of-mouth does the trick. Spoiler alert: we don't exactly hear ear-to-ear on this (see what we did there?). While Bryan is all for flaunting your audio flair, Jennifer’s got a point — some clients care more about the whisper of a solid testimonial than a flashy edited collage.

We’ll dive deep into the world of demo reels, those pesky legal bits to think about before using your work as samples, and that headache-inducing task of updating your website. We might even shed light on why you should swap that "Hire me!" page for Jesse McCune's suggestion for something different.

So buckle up, pour a fresh cup of joe, and let's chop it up, editor to editor. And as always, we've got some laughs in store because, let's be honest, life's too short for dull conversations. Let's hit play on this treasure trove of insights!

Episode Notes:

Listen to Discover

  • The challenges an audio-first medium faces when creating a portfolio.
  • Why we need to be super choosy about what we put into our portfolios.
  • One creative way to showcase your work WITHOUT highlighting client mistakes.
  • A potential SEO strategy you might be able to use.
  • What Steve Stewart says might be more valuable than a portfolio.
  • How we incorporated a bit of AI into creating this episode. :)

Links And Resources

And while we waxed poetic about demos, portfolios, platforms, and the cheeky antique key conundrum (got any ideas on that?), we didn't dive into a long list of tools this time. We focused more on the "how" and "why" behind showcasing your mad editing skills.

If you're hyperventilating because you expected some software name-dropping, don't fret! A previous brain-picking might have just what you need – check out our episodes archive or our Facebook group for those nitty-gritty details.

Keep those ears sharp and your sense of humor sharper, and remember to only share the work you have rights to. Legal oopsies are no joke! Happy editing, and let's continue making podcasts sound like a million bucks.

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