Developing a Conference Strategy to Create Opportunities with Marcus dePaula —PEM0025

Podcast Editors Mastermind

Apr 5 2021 • 50 mins

Conferences are a great way to network and learn new tricks of the trade, but the return on investment isn't often obvious. We'd argue conferences are underutilized by podcast editors. https://podcasteditorsmastermind.com/episodes/how-much-money-do-podcast-editors-make-pem020/ (The Podcast Editors Survey) tells us that conferences can translate into higher earnings. It's critical that use you use these industry events to create opportunities for your business. But HOW? Which conferences? And how to attend them without eating up all your profits? Marcus de Paula of https://www.meonlylouder.com/ (Me Only Louder) & https://www.meonlylouder.com/podcastaudiolab (Podcast Audio Lab) share his pro tips and strategies that answer those questions and how he gets the most out of any conference on a budget. Who is Marcus? He's an audio engineer turned podcast editor, sound consultant, audio teacher, who also builds Squarespace sites. Oh and he has a podcast. Solid AI-generated advice: The first thing you should do is create a goal that lists all the things you want to accomplish. This can be something simple like "I want to meet more people in my industry" or "I want to get feedback on my work." After you have your list, think about what events and conferences are happening.  Highlights:How Marcus found his first client Marketing... or lack thereof... for editors Tech Tuesday at Podfest Global How many conferences are worth going to each year? (and how does COVID change that?) What types of sessions are valuable to editors and why? The lowkey conference marketing practice that generates leads Are virtual conferences worth attending? Hallways: where the magic happens How to get a podcaster to talk to you Budget hacks All I wanted was a normal-sized soda!!! (and I'm still mad about this) How to create an amazing speaker pitch Yeah, you should totally https://mailchi.mp/5a719731c06f/get-the-yeti-letter (subscribe to the newsletter.) Links:https://www.buzzsprout.com/blog/podcast-conferences (List of Podcast Conferences) https://www.heartcastmedia.com/ (Molly Ruland) https://www.meonlylouder.com/workshops/compression-4-23-21 (Compression Workshop )by Podcast Audio Lab April 23rd Be a guest or an editor or both!This episode was edited by Bekah for http://yayapodcasting.com/ (YaYa Podcasting). We were missing a track and Bekah made it work. Want to hire Bekah? Send us a message. Are you having a problem in your business you need workshopped? Or are you doing something incredible you think our audience needs to know about it? https://podcasteditorsmastermind.com/be-a-guest/ (Be a guest on the show!) Appearing in this episode:Marcus de Paula: https://www.meonlylouder.com/ (https://www.meonlylouder.com/) | https://twitter.com/meonlylouder (@meonlylouder) Daniel Abendroth: https://rothmedia.audio (https://rothmedia.audio) | https://twitter.com/rothmedia_audio (@rothmedia_audio) Jennifer Longworth: https://bourbonbarrelpodcasting.com/ (https://bourbonbarrelpodcasting.com) https://twitter.com/KYPodcasting (| @KYPodcasting) Carrie Caulfield-Arick: https://yayapodcasting.com (https://yayapodcasting.com) | https://www.instagram.com/carriearick/ (@carriearick) Sorely missed: Bryan Entzminger: https://toptieraudio.com (https://toptieraudio.com) | https://twitter.com/@toptieraudio (@toptieraudio)