Coming Alive – The Love and Being of Knowing Yourself by Heart with Rebecca Holt

The Ultimate Coach Podcast

Nov 9 2023 • 33 mins

In this heartfelt episode, Rebecca Holt shares her inspiring journey of transformation, healing, and the profound impact of her work. The conversation delves into her childhood experiences with music and its impactful role in her healing journey through early childhood trauma and anxiety. Her early connection to singing and music, as she illustrates through the Carpenter’s lyrics, "sing, sing a song…" became a mantra of resilience and healing throughout her life.

Rebecca shares her journey of self-discovery that led to the realization of her deep sensitivity with HSP and the presence of anxiety beneath the surface, which later shaped her path toward healing. This conversation also explores Rebecca's connection to and gratitude for "The Ultimate Coach" book and her ongoing immersion in its teachings of BEING, both through readings and book sessions. Her great love for reading and writing poetry as a tool for transformation and healing is also highlighted. Rebecca authentically shares that she feels called on a deep level to live so fully alive in the expression of her own goodness and harmony that she may be a beacon and a force of love and blessing in the lives of all of those whom she serves.

Join Rebecca and Ipek, and listen to this rich conversation on love as a power for healing, words and the meaning beneath them, breath as life force, becoming alive, making an impact, being a force for good, and more.

About the Guest:

Rebecca Holt is a Transpersonal Life Coach and Mentor, Meditation Teacher, Somatic Breathwork, and Sound Healing Practitioner. Rebecca coaches with individuals and groups utilizing a transpersonal, transformative approach focusing on the whole person. Rebecca has worked in the therapeutic and wellness fields for over 25 years. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (emphasis in pre-perinatal psych., consciousness studies, and trauma-informed care), a Master’s Certification in Neuro- Linguistic Programming, is a certified Yoga teacher, certified Somatic Breathwork and Meditation facilitator, and is trained in Energy Medicine with The Four Winds Society.

Rebecca’s work with healing sound vibration and the breath and their impact on human experience has been featured at creative conferences, retreats, and workshops in the states and abroad supporting such partners as Poet David Whyte, Author and International Speaker Marianne Williamson, a series of women’s healing and creativity retreats from Bali to France, Hawaii, and Morocco, the Sundance Film Festival Wellness Collective, and most recently the Range Rover House Health and Wellness Series. - @wordsthatbreathe

About the Host:

A beacon of change and a catalyst for transformation, Ipek Williamson is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly integrates two decades of corporate expertise with a diverse skill set as a coach, mentor, speaker, author, meditation advocate, and teacher.

With a passion for guiding individuals through the complexities of modern life, Ipek specializes in helping overwhelmed individuals harness a profound sense of peace and harmony. Her coaching methodology...