Coming Out of Hiding - April L. Dodd

The Ultimate Coach Podcast

Mar 28 2024 • 36 mins

In this enlightening episode of The Ultimate Coach podcast, host Ipek Williamson sits down with April L. Dodd, a renowned transformational coach whose life work is dedicated to empowering women to lead lives filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. April shares her transformative journey from her early days as a music teacher to her evolution into a celebrated coach, author, and speaker. With a narrative rich in personal experiences and pivotal moments, she illustrates her path to discovering her passion for helping others achieve their dreams. Her stories underscore a deep commitment to personal growth, spirituality, and the practical application of her insights into daily life, making her approach both unique and profoundly impactful.

April delves into her coaching philosophy, highlighting the critical role of addressing and healing subconscious blocks to personal development. By sharing anecdotes, including the powerful transformation of a young athlete who overcame physical and mental barriers through her coaching, April showcases the effectiveness of her methods. She emphasizes the importance of meditation and mindfulness as foundational practices that support her coaching strategy, offering a glimpse into her holistic approach to transformation. Through April's engaging discussion, listeners are invited to reflect on their own journeys and the potential for profound change, embodying the spirit of the podcast's mission to explore the depths of coaching and its capacity to facilitate significant life shifts.

About the Guest:

April L. Dodd, M.A., is a seasoned Transformational Life Design Coach with 25 years of experience. She specializes in helping high-performing women break the exhaustion cycle, reconnect with themselves and their families, and regain freedom in their lives. April is a two-time bestselling author and a pioneer in Belief Coding®, serving as both a facilitator and trainer. With a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and two decades of spiritual mentorship, she brings a unique approach to healing that emphasizes applying love to inner wounds.

Recognized as "absolutely phenomenal" by the founder of Belief Coding®️, Jessica Cunningham, April is known for her transformative work with women worldwide, guiding them to embody a soul-aligned life with ease, power, and femininity. She is the founder of Spiritual Mom Babes and the creator of programs like The Self-Priority Project and The Sacred Yes Code. Through her coaching program, The Finesse of Coaching, April helps women design lives driven by extraordinary living rather than mediocrity, empowering them to create miracles and find freedom in a profoundly short period of time.

About the Host:

A beacon of change and a catalyst for transformation, Ipek Williamson is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly integrates two decades of corporate expertise with a diverse skill set as a coach, mentor, speaker, author, meditation advocate, and teacher. Her mission is to guide individuals through the complexities of modern life, helping them find deep peace and harmony. Ipek's coaching approach, rooted in Core Values, Mental Fitness, and Mind Mastery, empowers clients to unlock their hidden potential and confidently embrace change with...