Being Self-Love - Rachel Madorsky

The Ultimate Coach Podcast

Dec 7 2023 • 48 mins

Do you unconditionally love and accept yourself? You will gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of this as you listen to Rachel Madorsky share her brilliant insights with host Meredith Bell. You’ll discover the one statement that The Ultimate Coach Steve Hardison made that immediately shifted her thinking about the importance of self-love.

Rachel shares what we can do to let go of the guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness that can get in the way of loving ourselves. The questions she encourages us to ask ourselves are pure gold. They can help us shift from negative feelings to a place of gratitude, where we feel the freedom to be generous and loving with others. And if you want to take the next step towards greater self-love after hearing this conversation, pick up a copy of her book, How To Love Yourself: In Less Than a Week & Also for the Rest of Your Life. It’s a beautiful guide for discovering ways to treasure the person you are.

About the Guest:

Rachel Madorsky is a psychotherapist, executive coach, speaker and best-selling author of the book, How To Love Yourself: In Less Than a Week & Also for the Rest of Your Life. Down to earth and passionate about supporting women, Rachel's work centers around helping powerful women give themselves everything they ever wanted in life - now. Rachel's insights and teachings have been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, CBS News, NBC, The Learning Channel, and South By South West Interactive.




Rachels book, How to Love Yourself

About the Host:

Meredith Bell is the Co-founder and President of Grow Strong Leaders. Her company publishes software tools and books that help people build strong relationships at work and at home.

Meredith is an expert in leader and team communications, the author of three books, and the host of the Grow Strong Leaders Podcast. She co-authored her latest books, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills, and Peer Coaching Made Simple, with her business partner, Dr. Dennis Coates. In them, Meredith and Denny provide how-to guides for improving communication skills and serving as a peer coach to someone else.

Meredith is also The Heart-centered Connector. One of her favorite ways of BEING in the world is to introduce people who can benefit from knowing each other.

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