Podcast 003 – Recruiting and Selecting Great Salespeople with David Osborne

Everyday Empowerment Institute Radio

Oct 4 2018 • 46 mins

Hi folks, Leigh Farnell here, and thank you for listening and being part of our community, Sell, Serve, Prosper Radio. We are gonna do a fantastic interview today.

It’s with an old friend of mine, David Osborne from Profitable Personnel.

Now, when we’re talking about Sell, Serve and Prosper, and scaling your business and growing, sooner or later, you’re gonna need to recruit a salesperson, a great salesperson.

A salesperson who can hunt and help you generate more business because the fact of the matter is, you are going to be limited as an entrepreneur and a business owner by how many people you can see, how many people you can serve, and sell and serve to prosper.

So, if you’re gonna grow and scale, you need to grow and scale your sales system, you need to grow and scale your sales team. David is an expert in recruiting, selecting great salespeople.

Too often, my clients say, “Leigh, do you know someone, we need new people on our sales team, where can I find someone?”

Well, that’s when I go to David. David Osborne of Profitable Personnel. He’s got a great system, he’s diligent, he’s a perfectionist.

And what you’ll find, he’s an ex-British Army Pentathlete. He knows about discipline and systems.

But listen, don’t let me talk about it. Let me introduce you to him.

Here we go, with David Osborne of Profitable Personnel on recruiting so you can scale, so you can sell, serve and prosper.