Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace

Christine Wallace

Psychic Reading Expert Christine has been practicing her art for over thirty years throughout the United States, Europe and Asia . Christine’s main goal is to tell you the past as it was, present as it is and the future as it will be . Psychic Christine will be discussing love,relationship advice and how to make it work also topics on spirituality, bad energies, good energies and where they derive from. Join in every Sunday feel free to email your questions and comments . For private reading call 855-70-TAROT read less

Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace a Now Serving The West Coast
Oct 29 2022
Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace a Now Serving The West Coast
Welcome and thank you so much for listening to this episode I hope the sound is OK I’ll be working more on sound quality in my next episode sorry if this brought any inconvenience to you. Here I’ll be talking about my new location in Northern California and a special offer and celebration of the new location, this offer is good for both locations in Philadelphia and Newark California. If you would like to see me in Northern California feel free to contact me to book an appointment call 855–70 – TAROT. Or you can just pop in walk-ins are welcome visit 7156 Thornton Ave , Newark California right now we are offering a two for one special for you and a friend I am looking forward to serving you. I hope that you also enjoy this guided chakra balancing meditation this is going to be extremely helpful in opening each and every chakra one after another. Opening of the chakras should be happening around once every three to six months The frequency of your chakra or Reiki healing depends on the individual for example for those who work in a toxic environment or having struggle with coworkers, any difficulty or struggle with family or romantic partners these toxic energies can block the chakras causing you to have negative and intrusive thoughts and feelings of fear and anxiety for those of you that having this type of experience I suggest you have balancing and clearing whenever you feel overwhelmed. Thank you so much for listening in this is your Psychic Christine Wallace Namaste. My mission is to answer important questions you have such as am I with my soulmate?, will my ex come back, and how to fix a broken relationship?. I’ve worked a long time to make sure I’m providing the best psychic readings available and to give the guidance and advice you need to have a positive experience in your psychic readings and healing sessions. My readings for my clients and customers alike keep coming back knowing I provide trustworthy psychic readings. To book a session call 855-70-tarot or go to my website
Trusted Psychic Reading Expert  Christine Wallace Shares Chakra Affirmations
Jul 26 2022
Trusted Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace Shares Chakra Affirmations
Welcome back again, please do subscribe to be sure you are getting notified for all upcoming episodes! Do I have healing abilities?, How can I know if I am psychic  If you find yourself asking these questions in your mind I can give you some of this info now We are all psychic, because we are made of 3 ingredient's 1, the mind, 2 the body and 3 the spirit. Your spirit knows everything and you do have a 3rd eye but over time we lose a lot of this power in a world of skeptics and non believers who might say " your crazy" or anything like that and this discourages  us and creates doubt and begin to second guess ourselves, not just the spiritual part of ourselves but they will even cause us to second guess our logic as well and before you know it we are down hearted and in darkness. Sad right but not too late the good thing about being psychic, or having healing powers is you can always strengthen it. Once you get all the written material's for these lessons heal yourself whenever you need or heal others use it as you wish but most important is to keep yourself clear of toxic vibes the best way you can. Here you will be repeating these helpful affirmations that will  Heal and promote self love, become more connected and presentgive me more clarity open each chakraclear out negative thinkingupliftbuild up a stronger foundationstrengthen my own psychic & intuitive abilities These Helpful Links below you will find teacher training reiki to use to help yourself, others or both. A very detailed and informative course. Private readings are available via zoom, phone, in person or email. Facetime, and Instagram via dm.   Heal and be Healed Courses Private Readings And More! #claircognizance #highestgood #intuitivereadings #awakeningsoul #auracleansing #shareawakening #psychiclovereading #palmreadings #twinflamereadings #psychicabilities #soulalignment #consciousness #higherfrequency #soulgrowth #twinflamereading #lightworkersunite #lightwarrior #twinflames #spiritualadvisor #twinflameseparation #5dconsciousness #tarotcardreading #yinyang #twinflame
Trusted Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace Medium  Does A Pop Up Tarot
Jul 21 2022
Trusted Psychic Reading Expert Christine Wallace Medium Does A Pop Up Tarot
I hope you enjoy there pop up readings as much as I like doing it myself,    Is it all just random or coincidence ? is it even possible that 3 Tarot cards online can actually give you good advice?.   Well the answer is yes and no because I am a true believer in signs and I believe that whatever cards I pull from the deck is for someone to get that sign. I was not at all surprised when many people had mentioned to me how much they related to these distance readings because the angels, the universe, spirit guides, ancestors and departed loved ones will seek a way to reach us and communicate a message, a warning from someone or even something to give us some way of knowing.   For example a man was about to board a plain on a commercial airline was getting on but halfway to boarding the plane got a feeling that stopped him in his tracks , he turned around and of course that plane ended up crashing. I saw this story on a reality tv show years ago and things like this happen everyday.   Many of us see dreams, get feelings out of the blue, see numbers and signs. While not all these end up turning out to mean something many still do when it's real it feels like alarm bells ringing, something start to feel uncomfortable in a way and it's not always a bad feeling just different and for a split second we are so tuned in like never before those are the feelings describe what is feels like to get a message from beyond. Sincerely, Your Psychic Christine Wallace   The universe will use people, cards, psychics and as I mentioned anything to get through to you even the family pet will warn when something feels off.