Episode 4: Ronda Conger, CBH Homes

Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building

May 26 2022 • 51 mins

Welcome back to the Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building podcast with Mollie Carmichael. This episode features Ronda Conger, Vice President of CBH Homes, the largest privately-held builder in Idaho. She is the author of three inspirational leadership books, including, You Go First: How to Become the Leader Your Team Needs and Better Human: It’s a Full-Time Job. She was bestowed the 2021 Woman of the Year award by the National Association of Home Builders and prides herself as insatiably curious. Her “yes girl” mindset to try, do, learn, and grow has led her down a career path of rapid growth, fueled by love, passion, and plenty of Red Bull. Her motto “love wins,” and “I want to try it all,” is deeply instilled in her team where she encourages everyone to be legendary.

Ronda’s journey into the home building industry had an interesting start. After the FBI raided and shut down the company she had been working for, her stepmom encouraged her to get her real estate license for the sole purpose of buying her own home. As fate would have it, Ronda’s instructor introduced her to Lisa Cooper at KB Homes, where Ronda got her foot in the door. She quickly went from hosting, to marketing, to sales and beyond by being the first to raise her hand at any opportunity. Learn more about Ronda’s career and her passion for leadership on this energetic episode of Inspirational Leadership with the Best in Home Building.