Episode 12 - A Pixar is Worth a Thousand Words

Hollywood Week

Jan 14 2020 • 1 hr 48 mins

Episode 12 has arrived and it's PACKED with that fantastic formulaic content that we all know and love! We dive into the beautiful world of Pixar and give our (brief) thoughts on every one of their releases over the last 25 years! What are some of our favorite scenes?? Where do we want them to go in the future?? How much did Keenan cry during that Sarah McLachan song in "Toy Story 2"?? Let's find out!

The news is back! We discuss the MCU losing a director over "creative differences", OUR BOY Timothee Chalamet taking on the role of Bob Dylan, and Ricky Gervais laying waste to the hypocrisy of Hollywood. We also drop our full review/discussion on the ridiculously ambitious "1917", with some disagreements that surprised both of us! The MAILBAG is back! Movie trailers are back! The formula...is back! Let's roll...

As always, time stamps are below for anyone that wants to hear Keenan order a pizza during Kasen's anime monologue...

0:19 - Intro/Kasen's "almost" medical skills can't save him
3:38 - Our boy Troyka wants to know why "Joker" wasn't loved on the DECADE LIST
5:05 - What kind of wholesome/disturbing content have we been watching??? (Jumanji: The Next Level, The Witcher, Don't F&*K With Cats, Dolemite Is My Name)
18:10 - MCU loses a director but gains a Christian Bale? Timothee Chalamet is Bob Dylan? Ricky Gervais commits murder?
32:22 - Hey how amazing is Pixar??? Let's put on our Buzz Lightyear bathing suits and take that DEEP DIVE...
1:00:44 - Let's pay our respects to the Wendy's Spicy Chicken while we discuss some great movie trailers! (A Quiet Place: Part 2, The New Mutants, Birds of Prey, Gretel & Hansel, Fargo: Season 4)
1:11:59 - In one continuous take, we review/discuss one of the biggest and most buzzed about movies of the awards season, the ambitious war epic "1917".
1:31:03 - What's coming out in theaters this week? Big Willy Style is back!? (Bad Boys For Life, Dolittle, Weathering With You)
1:34:35 - It's the best part of the show! Let's dive into the Mailbag! Thanks so much to Kronendrome, TheMattChang, and FattyMcGee37 for the great questions.
1:45:08 - We drop our MVP's for the week and Keenan's audio suddenly sounds like it was recorded in a tin can, inside of a refrigerator, inside of a German tank, inside of a 1970's warehouse in Nebraska! Thanks for all the love and support! Next week we're talking ACADEMY AWARDS!

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