You Can “Rewrite Your Story” with Kayley Bishop and Courtney Leong

REFLECT the Life You Want

Aug 12 2022 • 53 mins

Kayley Bishop is a full-time professional Singer-Songwriter based in Nashville, TN.  She is a Season 15 of The Voice alumna. She works with Grammy-nominated and CMA-nominated people regularly, whether it's in the writing room, recording studio, or on stage.

Kayley was raised in east Tennessee and she says her heart beats like it was made to be tethered to a song. She’s always been sold out to music, even as a young child, knowing somehow that she would always have a home there. She believes her gifts were extended to her by Jesus, and she will do all she can to shape melodies and work rhymes that would be fitting for His kingdom's ears.

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Courtney Leong is the founder of Freedom After the Trauma. Courtney has a heart for bringing healing to the world, born out of her own difficult life experiences.

Overtime, she has learned that it is not unusual for licensed professionals to turn away clients, saying, “I can’t help you any further. You have healed as much you ever will.”

Courtney believes there is always more healing, and deeper depths to which each person is called. Whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, full healing is possible!

Courtney is now dedicating her life to transforming the standards of healing in our world. Through FOTIC, her certification program, she is equipping caregivers and licensed professionals with the powerful tools they need to effectively minister to the trafficked and traumatized.

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