‘Project You’ with Jen Keller, Red Bird Press

REFLECT the Life You Want

Dec 2 2022 • 43 mins

Jen Keller is the Founder & CEO of Red Bird Press. Per Jen:

Our Mission

Red Bird Press is a company created in faith and courage to impact the movement of helping women design their best life. By guiding their routines and habits to compound for them not against. Allowing space to become your best YOU!

Our Why

BREAK THE CYCLE: the cycle of poverty, abuse, sadness, limiting beliefs, abandonment, thinking we have to live this way because this is how our family has always lived, not living through faith, and depletion.

Research shows women in today’s times are: rushed, frustrated, overwhelmed, depleted, in constant comparison, feeling guilty, looking to fit in, wondering if they are doing enough, if they are enough, feeling alone, overthinking, exhausted, trying to please and be perfect, searching for a peach of joy, emotionally damaged, burned out, resentful, fearful and neglecting themselves.

A recent study tells us 65% of women have said “the pandemic has made things harder for them”.

Many Woman are looking to live fully in the present, find their passion and purpose. They want to feel whole and connected, authentic, live clutter free lives, have good energy, manage time well, have self-love and self-acceptance, balance motherhood & careers, find their meaning, have time for themselves, have productive days, take control of their days, be consistent, stay hydrated…. The list goes on!!!

Ladies - we can be all these things & more!

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