Appreciating Our Differences, with Jeanne Rietzke, Author of “Caroline, The Painted Turtle”

REFLECT the Life You Want

Jul 22 2022 • 38 mins

Jeanne Rietzke decided that it was time to make a difference in children’s lives with a unique series of books.

You can join Caroline, a baby green sea turtle, as she begins her life's journey. Her adventures lead her from Carolina Beach, North Carolina to Key West, Florida. Along the way, she meets many colorful creatures and learns some very important lessons about accepting differences. But how does she become The Painted Turtle? Read along to find out.

Jeanne majored in fine art in college and was a full-time artist from 1992-1998. That career became part-time for too many years! Her colorful, marine life watercolors have sold nationally and internationally and won numerous awards. She has gone back to being a full-time artist. Most recently, she has written and illustrated two children's books.

The books are available for purchase at these major retailers:

Barnes and Noble:,%20The%20Painted%20Turtle



Books a Million:

Books and turtles can be purchased locally in Wilmington, NC at Cape Fear Antiques and Jewelry, The Wrightsville Beach Museum, CAM Art Museum, and Barnes and Noble Mayfaire. Books and Books in Key West, FL also carries them.

The plush turtle is also sold through me and is easy to purchase on Etsy: