Can Executive Coaching Improve Negative Behaviors?

Unlocking Leadership - Ask the Coaches

Aug 30 2022 • 14 mins

Kimberly, Sonia and Jonathan answer a question from George in Fairfax, Virginia:

“A leader in my department was recently written up for a hostile workplace incident. Har has told him that he either has to be coached or leave the company. Can coaching truly help him if he is being compelled to go through with the process?”

Sonia shares what happened in a similar situation and how insights helped everyone involved in that experience.

Kimberly explains the 3 ingredients that will set this leader up for success.

Jonathan emphasizes the importance of alignment from the organization and the leader that coaching is being embraced constructively and not punitively is critical for success.

And that is barely the beginning!

Kimberly Layne leads Performance Leadership Intl , wrote Connections Change Everything and hosts The Power of Connection on YouTube. Reach out to Kimberly here.

Sonia Jeantet runs CIMA Executive Development and is the author of The Integrative Leader. Be in touch with Sonia here.

Jonathan Ward is the co-Author of Through the Glass Ceiling to the Stars; The Story of the First American Woman to Command a Space Mission, and Space Historian, Viking Resident Astronomer, Executive Coach, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. About Jonathan. You can contact Jonathan here Jonathan Ward, FRAS, PCC | LinkedIn

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