Nurturing Our Emotional, Mental, and Physical Well-Being

The NAESP Principal Podcast

Mar 30 2022 • 20 mins

Self-care can be a frequently overlooked aspect of leadership, especially for women. Jessica Gomez and Andrea Thompson, fellows at the NAESP Center for Women in Leadership, sit down with Principal Sarah Harrington to discuss:

  • Tips for practicing self-care
  • The value in finding a sisterhood
  • Incorporating mindfulness into daily routines
  • The importance of physical wellbeing

Sarah Harrington is principal of Lake Ridge Elementary School, Woodbridge, Virginia.

The NAESP Center for Women in Leadership is dedicated to the strategic study of women administrators and the unique challenges that they face as educational leaders because of their gender. The work of the center is multifaceted, focusing on identifying strategies to elevate women as they pursue career opportunities, creating a strong network of women leaders, and eliminating gender bias. You can find out more about NAESP and the Center for Women in Leadership at