IA 82: What Chicken Bites Have to Do With Catastrophic Work

The Independent Adjuster Podcast (IA Path)

Jul 9 2018 • 8 mins

OK I read an interesting interaction with two people that made me think of us as independent adjusters. So let me set the stage below.

(It is a Sunday afternoon, and the restaurant that the worker works at is right next to a fast food place which is well-known for being closed on Sundays. She is working the drive-thru station when another woman pulls up and starts ordering multiple high-priced items.)

Worker: “What else can I get for you today?”

Woman: “An order of chicken bites.”

(the worker turns and shoot her manager a look, as she also has a headset on and is hearing the entire conversation.)

Worker: “I’m sorry, but we don’t carry chicken bites.”

Woman: “I want an order of your eight-piece chicken bites.”

Worker: “Ma’am, we don’t have chicken bites. We have only have chicken strips. We do have jalapeño bites, though, that come in an eight-count.”

Woman: “I want chicken bites.”

(At this point, the manager uses her headset to join the conversation. She repeats what the worker already told the woman and lists off a couple other menu items that the woman may be trying to order.)

Woman: “I was just here last week, and I got the chicken bites.”

Manager: “Ma’am, we have never carried chicken bites. We serve chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches, but not chicken bites or nuggets.”

Woman: “Cancel my order; I thought this was Chick Fil A!”

(They voided out her entire order, and she drove past the window to get to the parking lot for the other restaurant. From where the worker was, The manager and worker could see her pull up to the front of the restaurant and realize that it was closed. She then came back through the drive-thru of the restaurant and ordered the same things she had just had the first restaurant void off.)

As a catastrophic independent adjuster we know what we want. We want to work catastrophe claims. We may even be pursuing one single type of deployed like property, auto, liability, total loss, hail, flood, etc. We know what we want, but is it currently available?

Like the customer in the story you may want something very specific, but it may not be possible for you to get that at this time. You need to be looking for and ready to accept work other than our "ideal work." The more you work, the more experience you can claim, the more confidence you gain, and the more people you meet.

Working people tend to get more work. It is weird, but true. There is a momentum that you build up that helps get you over the hump into the next storm. Who is going to make an IA Firm more money, the guy who has been working daily claims and is in a groove? or an IA that has been sitting on his license for two years not working in the field.

It is an obvious choice as a recruiter so again we want numbers on our side, we want to be the clear pick as a better money maker for the IA Firm. So the fifth tip
for getting catastrophic work is...

#5 Start Working Claims (Any Kind)

We can't be picky when starting out. Most of us have our sites set out the prize and that is good, but we n

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