Ep. 24 Sound and Embodiment (Chakra Five)

Jess On The Mountain: Yoga, Chakras & Becoming Your Own Guru

Sep 18 2023 • 22 mins

This week's episode is all about sound, which is directly related to Chakra Five - Vissudha (which means "purification").

Sounds are happening everywhere, all the time.

Pause for a few seconds and just listen. What do you hear? Maybe an airplane flying overhead, traffic on the streets below, birds chirping, the wind blowing, your dog snoring, children playing, a phone dinging, your stomach growling, and on and on! Even in the quietest of environments, there is always sound.

This chakra is the realm of sound, vibration, and resonance. It's where we both speak our truth and where we listen attentively to others. From my experience, Chakra Five is the chakra that is most frequently out of balance for people. Do you ever feel tightness in your trapezius muscles (where your neck & shoulders connect)? Hellooo Chakra Five!

Join me as we embody the fifth chakra, discuss the symptoms of imbalance (both excesses and deficiencies), and explore the different ways that sound (and silence!) affects us. And I share some great practices you can do to charge and release your own Chakra Five.

Let's jump into some good vibrations together. See you there.

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