Ep. 25 Embodying Forgiveness with Emily J. Hooks, Part One (Chakra Four)

Jess On The Mountain: Yoga, Chakras & Becoming Your Own Guru

Sep 25 2023 • 40 mins

This week's episode is all heart. That's right, we're delving into Chakra Four - Anahata.

We are joined by the incredible writer, speaker, and workshop facilitator Emily J. Hooks.

Emily's work focuses on inquiry-based healing from past hurts. Her work reorients readers toward compassionate self-acceptance and accountability, and she specializes in the topic of forgiveness, which is the center of our conversation today and a beautiful embodiment of the heart chakra. In fact, it was such an in-depth and phenomenal conversation that our team chose to release it in two different parts. This is part one of our conversation and the second part will be released next week.

Emily spent the first few decades of her life managing her emotional and spiritual pain and the many traumas she had endured in her childhood. In 2003, she found herself in destitution and in deep suffering over the loss of the people who mattered most to her. Instead of giving up, she chose to move through the pain she carried and let go of her limiting beliefs about who she was and what the world was like.

In a huge moment of awakening, she saw her entire life unfold and self-compassion emerged. At that moment she vowed not to live a tragic life. To not just survive, but to thrive.

She began to deeply study the act of forgiveness, from texts and philosophies around the world. This led her to "relentlessly forgive" anyone who had ever caused her harm, including herself. As a result of this radical act of complete forgiveness, everything in her life transformed. And today her promise is to contribute as fully as she can for as long as she is able to.

Emily's work embodies the concept that through the work of forgiveness, we can all find love, compassion, and empathy for others and for ourselves; that it is possible to both mourn the loss of what was not, and fully embrace what is.

Her book, The Power of Forgiveness: A Guide to Healing and Wholeness, is available at all the major booksellers, and is linked in the show notes. Emily has also generously offered her Audible audiobook format to our listeners FOR FREE! Link & instructions on how to get the audio version of this powerful book are included below.

I can't wait to hear what you think about this conversation. Let's take a journey through the heart and explore the embodiment of true forgiveness.

Much love,


More about Emily:

  • To learn more about Emily J. Hooks, you can visit her website here.
  • Receive a FREE copy of her audiobook The Power of Forgiveness by contacting Emily directly through her website.
  • You can purchase a physical copy of her book here.
  • Follow Emily on Facebook or Instagram.

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