Ep. 32 Delight in Food, Body, and Schedule (Chakra One)

Jess On The Mountain: Yoga, Chakras & Becoming Your Own Guru

Feb 26 2024 • 25 mins

How do we experience pleasure, sensuality and creativity in Chakra 1, muladhara? DELIGHT in the material, tangible things in life helps us feel safe and secure and leads to an overall sense of well-being. In this episode I share practices you can do right now to: - enjoy meals and foster a balanced, secure relationship with food - delight in your physical body, see the wonder of your form and accept your body as a safe place for your spirit - intentionally bring moments of delight and routine to your day to establish good boundaries that actually build up the energy needed to get things done! Experiencing DELIGHT in our root chakra is an important step on the path to an aligned body, mind and spirt.

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