Life on Podcast

Stone Stafford and Jony Van

L.I.F.E. (which stands for Listening and Inspiring Friends Everywhere) used to be a live monthly event held at Icon Studios in Atlanta,Georgia. Founded by Stone Stafford, L.I.F.E. was to be a place where people in entertainment (the "E" used to stand for "Entertainment") could come together and learn valuable life lessons while also being able to share challenges and difficulties in their careers and personal lives. Then COVID happened.At the persistent urging of his co-host, Jony Van, Stone made the pivot to taking L.I.F.E. to the podcasting platform and after noticing the variety of topics that listeners seemed to be interested in (including and beyond entertainment), the "E" now stands for "Everywhere".So welcome, to L.I.F.E. On Podcast. We're glad you're here. read less