C1 S1 E17: Village Life, Part 2

Probability of Demise

Jul 21 2022 • 2 hrs 56 mins

Life in this village is a bit odd. Join the awkward beginnings and, hopefully, interesting tales of Trixie, Asher, and Tanzanite.

Our podcast resumes and we reengage with our story!

Setting: We are using D&D Fifth Edition to loosely create the basis for a story of an Earth ravaged by misdeeds both human and otherwise. Earth, post-apocalyptic due to human error and natural shifts in solar bodies, tries to recover and in the process, new people arise and discover that an Octopolar Earth offers something ancient and new: magic.

We are excited to awkwardly welcome you to our trial and error exploration of livestreams, podcasts, and D&D shenanigans. Please bear with us, your hosts, as we grow with our audience. If you happen to stumble across this in the distant future please let us know how we are doing in the present!