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MomCare Monday is a weekly selfcare checkin for just for moms. Motherhood is crazy and moms' needs usually get knocked to the bottom of the list but I am here to remind you to prioritize your needs and put yourself back on the top of the list. read less
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S3 Ep305: When It Comes To Selfcare…It’s The Small Things
Nov 6 2023
S3 Ep305: When It Comes To Selfcare…It’s The Small Things
Social Media will have you believing that you need to wake up at 5am, workout, meditate, journal, walk 3 miles a day, eat kale salads and smoothies, have a hobby, spend quality time with everyone in your life and drink a gallon of water a day…(Insert maniacal, exhausted laugh). So often we think selfcare is an all or nothing practice and so many of us moms end up not practicing selfcare because there is no way we can do all the selfcare things we “should” be doing. But the truth about selfcare is it’s the small selfcare practices that can sustain us. Additional Episode Notes: I am so grateful to have you as a listener of MomCare Mondays! I hope this episode helps put you back at the top of your todo list. [Insert any links mentioned in the episode] Be sure to listen to other Mom Forum Podcast episodes - Want to read more about Selfcare, Parenting and all things Motherhood?  Check out The Mom Forum… •Read our blogs - •Watch "Best Mom Friends" - • Check out our Mom Picks - • Shop our products - Join our community of moms at Get social with us! And follow me, your host Elisha Beach…