ICSAA Seattle International secular AA speaker meeting November 7 2021

secular AA's Podcast

Nov 9 2021 • 1 hr 37 mins

November's first-Sunday-of-every-month world tour of secular AA speakers travels North by North-West: Our Seattle AA coffee club features Lori, Bruce, Eric and Marilyn. Following  the speakers on this Zoom meeting November 7th, 2021, members from around the world chime in.

Part of AA as a whole, the International Conference of Secular AA is special-purpose AA body - like International Conferences for Young People, Doctors, Lawyers, LGBTQ+, women and others. ICSAA hosts a biennial gathering (2014 in Santa Monica, 2016 in Austin, 2018 in Toronto, Washington DC postponed to 2022) and online AA meetings and workshops.

"Some A.A.s come together as specialized A.A. groups — for men, women, young people, doctors, gays and others. If the members are all alcoholics, and if they open the door to all alcoholics who seek help, regardless of profession, gender or other distinction, and meet all the other aspects defining an A.A. group, they may call themselves an A.A. group."

The A.A. Group, P-16

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For more information on  irreligious AA visit https://aasecular.org or email SecularAA@gmail.com or view 16 hours per day of International secular AA meetings more secular/freethinkers/agnostic meetings, 16 hours a day: