EURO ICSAA Freethinkers Tus Nua Ireland hosted by Jimmy

secular AA's Podcast

Jul 7 2021 • 52 mins

Born of the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down, a lone online secular AA meeting was started in Ireland to meet a need. It did satisfy an unmet need. Today (at the time of our June 19, 2021 European International Conference of Secular AA), there are now 11 meetings weekly with the odd 24 hour... well, 25 hour (that will be explained in the meeting) around the clock back-to-back meetings.
https://tusnua.eu for meetings, resources and more information.

The growth of secular AA and the proliferation of online meetings created an opportunity to facilitate the first European ICSAA online. Visit https://aasecular.org for more information about International secular gatherings, resources and online communities.