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Erin, Sarah, Magen

Three 90s kids revisit and reminisce about all things Star Trek. Sarah's vibe is totally "The Next Generation," while Erin's main squeeze is "Voyager," and Magen loves "Deep Space Nine," but that doesn't stop them from delving into the other shows and movies. Their mission is to discover the unknown, explore the charted regions of the Star Trek universe, and guide newbies through the vast reaches of the franchise. New episodes on Fridays.

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Star Trek IV: "The Voyage Home"
Apr 24 2022
1 hr 50 mins
Star Trek IV: "The Voyage Home"ENT - "Breaking the Ice"VOY - "The Cloud"DS9 - "Babel"TNG - "The Last Outpost"TOS - "The Naked Time"A Few of Our Favorite ThingsENT - "The Andorian Incident"VOY - "Phage"DS9 - "A Man Alone"TNG - "Code of Honor"TOS - "Where No Man Has Gone Before"ENT - "Terra Nova"VOY - "Time and Again"DS9 - "Past Prologue"TNG - "The Naked Now"TOS - "Charlie X"Top 50 Characters (Part 2)Top 50 Characters (Part 1)ENT - "Unexpected"