Don't Tell My Therapist

Licensed to Bullshit

Two 20-something girls decided to start a podcast - because the world definitely needs another one, right?

We might not be licensed therapists, but we are licensed to bullshit. Join Jenna and Sophia as they discuss their embarrassing dating stories, life experiences, mental health journeys and more. You might laugh, you might cry, you might think "why are they like this?" and the answer is, we don't know. Whatever you do, Don't Tell Our Therapists. read less

Our Editor's Take

Don't Tell My Therapist is a podcast for twenty-something people trying to get by. It does not propose professional self-help advice. Instead, it offers empathy and a supportive community of peers.

Jenna and Sophia are honest and vulnerable about their struggles as Gen Z women. They share personal stories about middle school bullies and coming out as gay. The hosts talk about unwritten family rules and becoming famous on TikTok. There are conversations about STIs, quitting jobs, and religion. These are casual discussions between good friends which are insightful and funny.

The hosts of Don't Tell My Therapist started their podcast in 2021. Jenna and Sophia felt they had a lot of time to reflect on life during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The pair examined their dating lives, career paths, hobbies, and values. There was a lot they were happy with. But many aspects of their lives could have also used a revamp. That was the catalyst for the two to start a podcast. They wanted to talk through their experiences and get each other's advice on how to improve. Along the way, they also wanted to make other people in their twenties feel less alone.

Jenna and Sophia have uncensored discussions about anything from hookups to hemorrhoids. The podcast hosts are unafraid to be vulgar and vulnerable at the same time. For instance, in one episode the pair discuss their opinions on proposals, marriage, and babies. Jenna and Sophia try not to compare their love lives to others but still feel they should be doing more.

At the same time, the hosts talk about getting a nude picture from people they're dating and their visual preferences. In another episode, they talk about the ways spicy food can impact oral sex. There are also conversations about solo movie outings and ex-partners. The hosts have excellent chemistry and fun banters which make the podcast entertaining.

New episodes of Don't Tell My Therapist come out twice a month.

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