Speak Up with Chinese Employees Language & Cultural Immersion

China Myth Podcast

Apr 21 2023 • 40 mins

April 20, 2023 - You might think leading Chinese employees is simple due to their respect for hierarchy, but this presumption needs to consider the hazards of interpreting Face-giving pantomimes literally, often mistakenly. While we appreciate their song and dance performance, we must purposefully orchestrate the final act.

As we develop an awareness of the importance of TONE, literally and figuratively, and how to sidestep cultural landmines hidden in our dichotomies, more productive communication patterns will emerge.

Still, we can accelerate the creation of a new reality with specific pointers regarding how we interact with local Chinese staff and direct reports.

Additionally, we will discuss Chinese work ethics in relation to their values and how it affects their behavior, both seen and unseen, known and unknown and where their priorities lie.

  • 00:24 自我介绍 My Self-Introduction
  • 06:56 What do Chinese employees value most in their jobs?
  • 09:13 合作,我们的合作,合作愉快 Chinese Phrases Warm-up
  • 19:58 Attitude-Tone MS1 Recap
  • 28.53 Delicate Balance of Priorities
  • 32:27 Chinese Work Ethics & Values

https://youtu.be/8e6BnRGeEZQ (Watch on YouTube)

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