Chinese Cultural Dichotomy of NEGOTIATIONS

China Myth Podcast

Mar 15 2023 • 9 mins

March 8, 2023 HIGHLIGHT REELS - Chinese Cultural dichotomies with the West categorize value differences likely to cause frustration and conflict and redirect opportunities for cooperation toward unintended disorder, confusion, and chaos.

Everything in business involves negotiation in one form or another. Yet, this activity with counterparts in China often leads to promising outcomes that turn sour or a long- drawn-out process that dampens the initial excitement and optimism of cooperating.

Either way, it is a cultural dichotomy we need to reconcile before proceeding.

Most of the role playing and interactive portions have been removed to highlight the concepts covered during the first portion of this experience.


  1. Curiosity Exercise
  2. Chinese Phrases Warm-Up
  3. Guanxi Engine Introduction
  4. Cultural Dichotomy Business Primer
  5. Art of War Negotiation Tactics

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