#92 - Laughs & Likes: Matt Rife's Lesson in Social Media Engagement

Making the Brand | Marketing with a Pop Culture Twist

Jul 26 2023 • 12 mins

In this episode of Making the Brand, we talk about the TikTok sensation, Matt Rife. The comedian who's breaking records and making millions laugh on social media.

What makes Matt Rife different from most comedians? He doesn't make his act about him. His jokes are about people in his audience.

We discuss why involving your followers is the key to creating a thriving community. From hilarious interactions to surprise moments, we unveil the strategies that make Matt Rife a master of engagement.

We also discuss parallels between Matt Rife's comedy style and Taylor Swift's surprise songs while on tour. What makes this so brilliant? Listen and find out how you can apply lessons from their approach to your social media!

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