#89 - From Idols to Clients: Turning Fandom into Business w/ Cassie Petrey

Making the Brand | Marketing with a Pop Culture Twist

May 17 2023 • 50 mins

Imagine if the musicians you once idolized became your clients. That's the case for Cassie Petrey, the co-founder of Crowd Surf. Crowd Surf is a digital marketing company with a roster of massive stars including Guns N Roses, Backstreet Boys, Ed Sheeran, and Britney Spears.

In this episode, we discover how Cassie went from running the Backstreet Boys newsletter at age 12 to becoming a marketing leader and prominent figure in the music industry.

We discuss:

  • Getting a start in the music industry: Discover how Cassie entered the music industry and built her way up to becoming a marketing powerhouse
  • Working with massive celebrities: Gain insights into the unique dynamics and experiences of collaborating with some of the world's biggest stars
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome: Cassie candidly addresses the challenges of imposter syndrome and shares her strategies for conquering self-doubt
  • Finding creative inspiration: Learn where Cassie finds her creative spark and how she translates it into successful marketing campaigns
  • Managing a personal brand: Cassie discusses the importance of managing one's personal brand and leveraging it for professional growth

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