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Haulin' Notes Episode 14: Driver Fitness & Health
Jun 9 2021
Haulin' Notes Episode 14: Driver Fitness & Health
Welcome to episode 14 of the Haulin’ Notes Podcast by Canal Insurance Company! This week, Bob Perew, Senior Loss Prevention Specialist at Canal, is joined by Annie Anderson, Health and Wellbeing Consultant- Registered Dietitian at Prisma Health, to talk about the importance of driver fitness and health. Annie is a board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management, and has worked as a research associate and registered dietitian at the Center of Integrated Oncology and Survivorship before joining the Business Health Team. She has been with Prisma Health’s Business Health since 2017 and has loved every minute of it. Annie loves all things food, dogs, running, and sharing nutrition knowledge with others. While taking weeks or even month long trips, there are lifestyle changes that truck drivers need to follow in order to stay fit. It’s important for truck drivers to ask themselves “How do I stay healthy on the road?” For some, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging because they may not have the resources that people in other professions have, but that’s not to say that living a healthy life as a truck driver isn’t possible. Annie shares ten ways you can stay healthy while on the road, along with the importance of making small, healthy choices each day. We also discuss how you can optimize your driver fitness basic score. Want to make sure you never miss a Haulin' Notes episode? Click here to sign up for email notifications!