All Songs Considered


Since launching in 2000, All Songs Considered has been NPR's flagship program for music discovery, artist interviews and conversations with friends and fellow music lovers about the really big questions, like what was the best decade for music, are there albums everyone can agree on, and what do you put on when you need a good cry? Weekly, with host Robin Hilton and the NPR Music family. read less

Our Editor's Take

The musical landscape is constantly shifting. Superstars release new hits, up-and-comers make it big, and the classics stay on repeat. All Songs Considered is a music lover's dream podcast that explores it all. As a one-stop shop for all things music, this podcast is a must-listen for music enthusiasts. Hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton create a fun environment for music enthusiasts.

All Songs Considered has something for everyone. No genre is off limits. All mixes are thoughtfully curated, making the experience enjoyable and comprehensive. It's full of all-time favorites and exciting new artists.

The music is the main attraction, but this podcast is more than a playlist. Bob and Robin also host guests and indulge in captivating conversation. From icons to fresh new acts, the guests are engaging and insightful. It's one of the best ways to get to understand the artistry behind the music.

The dynamics between hosts and guests are hilarious and irresistible. All Songs Considered is an entertaining way to hear the newest sounds. Episodes average about 30 minutes long. New episodes drop twice every week. Listeners don't need to listen in order and should feel free to enjoy multiple episodes in one sitting.

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